If you’re looking to make your central business platform LinkedIn, you’ll be able to have the opportunity to create articles that express your opinions, expertise and knowledge to your connections and others interested in topics within your industry of choice. 
Articles on LinkedIn are like standard blog posts that you may post on your website. They can give your audience a closer look at your industry, allow you to explore features of a new product or service you have on offer or can simply be a place for you to re-post any blogs you have on your website as a LinkedIn article. 
Here are the benefits of LinkedIn articles, and how you can start writing them. 
How To Write LinkedIn Articles 
On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to create articles in the LinkedIn publishing too. This tool opens when you select the ‘write article’ feature towards the top of the page. You’ll have to create an attention grabbing headline in order to draw people into your content and get them to engage with what you’re posting. Then, you have to write the body of the article. This is the main content surrounding the topic you’ve planned to discuss. 
Adding headings, bullet points, lists, images, and text in italics or in bold are good ways for you to split up your content and keep it easy to read. It helps the article to flow better and keep people engaged with what you’re talking about. You can also link to other blog posts/LinkedIn articles that you’ve created in order to boost engagement on those too. Add a call to action at the end so your audience know what steps they can take next, especially if they’ve enjoyed what you’ve posted. 
You need to share these articles with your audience. You can do this by sending a private message, as a post, copying the link and sharing it or posting it on other social media sites. Posting it on other social media sites will help to bring audiences over to your LinkedIn page, which could help you to grow your platform with an already existing audience being introduced to another one of your social accounts. 
What Are the Benefits Of LinkedIn Articles? 
Character Limit - LinkedIn articles give you more characters to display your industry knowledge. The general post function only allows posts up to 1,300 characters, whereas articles give you the opportunity to post something upwards of 125,000 characters. This allows you to give more explanation and justification to your points and show your audience that you have expertise to be speaking on your selected topic. 
Show Your Professionalism – If you’re keeping up to date with your industry often, you’ll know what topics are currently trending within it and what audiences are the most interested in. You’ll be able to acknowledge these topics through LinkedIn articles and see engagement come your way if your post is informative enough. You need to make sure you’re explaining your points concisely as your audience may not understand fully industry terms that you could decide to use. Whatever it is you decided to share, whether it’s tips, advice, or general updates, you have the opportunity to prove that you know what you’re talking about. If your LinkedIn articles are good enough, you’ll build brand trust with your audience and begin to position yourself as an upcoming lead in your industry. 
Start Conversations – LinkedIn articles will help you start valuable conversations with your audience and those in your industry. If you ask people to share their thoughts in the comments, you’ll have the opportunity to respond and begin to learn from each other, or teach someone who isn’t in your industry something new about your chosen topic. You can encourage people to share content with friends or colleagues who may also find it interesting. Having conversations is a great way to begin building your relationships with people who could be beneficial to your business in future, so make sure your responses to comments and messages are quick, considered, and respectful. 
Build Connections – Again, showing industry knowledge will show that you have the ability to speak openly and confidently about certain topics. You’ll be able to begin talking to new connections and working alongside them potentially to build both of your business’s success and potential. There’s nothing more important in business than having a strong audience and team of industry professionals that are supportive of you and what your creating, and by being social and personable you’ll be able to build your network to include these people. 
Analytics – Like with most things on social media, you’ll have to track your analytics to make sure what your posting is working. If it’s not, you can see what content your audience is the most engaged with and start crafting your content around that instead. Analytics are so important to making sure you’re posting content that will be engaged with and understood, so make sure you keep up to date with your analytics. 
LinkedIn articles are the perfect way for you to get your knowledge out there, displayed to others in your industry and line of business and potentially even become an important part of your social media marketing plan. Start posting them today and see how they could be beneficial to you on social media. 
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