When you set out to market online, you’ll need a detailed, well thought out and considered strategy for your digital marketing. When you have this, you’ll have a way to really fine-tune the elements that are needed to bring your digital marketing to the next level and put your business at the forefront of your industry for social media success. 
Here’s how you can create the perfect digital marketing strategy. 
Choose Your Business Goals 
The S.M.A.R.T goal format is a great method to follow should you need a guide to setting the correct goals for your digital marketing plan. S.M.A.R.T stands for…. 
Specific – make sure your goals aren’t too broad – know exactly what it is you’re aiming to achieve and what you want to focus on. 
Measurable – you need to be certain your goals are something that can be measured, so you can always keep track of your success. 
Attainable – aiming high with your goals is tempting, but can be quickly demoralising when you’re not achieving what you want. Keep your goals at an attainable level and have a realistic idea of what you want get out of digital marketing. 
Relevant – keep your goals up-to-date as you continuously create them – if you don’t have relevant goals, you won’t get the results you desire. 
Time-bound – what is the deadline of your goals and what are you able to accomplish within a specific amount of time? 
Know Your Audience 
Knowing your audience is one of the things that you’ll constantly be told as a digital marketer, but it’s an incredibly important step. Your audience need to be considered in everything you’re doing, as they’re the ones you’re trying to appeal to and engage with. Make a persona of your ideal audience member – their age, gender, job role, income, location, hobbies – anything you can think of that creates the exact person that isn’t just going to glance over your business page, but the type of person who wants to purchase your products/services and engage with your content consistently. If you market directly towards that audience, they’ll start to relate to your business and understand how you can solve the problems they’re having with your products and services. 
Who Are Your Competiors? 
You won’t be the only business in your industry, and you’ll have some close competitors that are after the same audience as you, and have already established themselves in the market. That doesn’t mean however there isn’t a way in for you to make yourself a leader or a known name in your field. You need to see what content your competitors are producing, find what they’re doing right, where they have gaps in their marketing plans and get an idea of what angle you could take your social media, website and/or blog. Don’t copy their ideas, and stay true and unique to your business and brand to stand out from the crowd. 
Impress With your Content 
If you’re trying to attract a following, your content needs to be the thing that gets people invested in your business. Without quality content, people won’t see the value in your business that they see in your competitors. By having content that speaks directly to your target audience, is creative and branded in your style, you’ll have an avenue to convey your message and the personality of your business towards the audience you’re trying to reach. Unleashing your online potential with well-designed graphics and interesting copy will grab an audience straight away and show your competitors you’re here to stay. 
Use A Content Calendar 
Content Calendars and schedules are great tools for businesses who need to stay on track with their posts, updates and plans for digital marketing. Schedules and calendars give you a clear-cut path on what needs to be out and when, and can help your team know when things need to be done. Calendars and schedules can be formed around your analytics, which will help you to know what days and times work best for engagement – helping you to build a following and loyal audience that want to see more from you. 
Measure Your Analytics 
Analytics are key to tracking your success and giving you the information you need to plan your content and see what is and isn’t working. There isn’t any harm in testing your content out with different variations and styles to see which performs the best. From changing up length of copy to the style of graphic/video you’re putting out, overtime you’ll find the ideal formula thanks to your analytics that’ll set you up for success. 
A Digital Marketing strategy gives you a set plan to follow, making sure you don’t get lost halfway through your marketing process, or waste time doing something that doesn’t work out or bring you success or traffic. Start crafting your digital marketing plan today and see how it can help you. 
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