When you’re looking to expand your online marketing, turning to the power of Ads can see you bringing in more business, making your business a success, and positioning you as a go-to source within your industry. 
Both Facebook and Google offer great options for business owners looking to start advertising online, but which one is right for you? 
Here’s all you need to know about Facebook & Google Ads, and how you can choose which one is best for your business. 
What’s Is The Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads? 
Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are pay-per-click, but whereas Facebook is paid social, Google is paid search. 
Google Ads is the most popular advertising platform online, and focuses on targeting key words. When a user searches a specific phrase or word, ads that are created and optimised well should show up – helping a business get their name out in front of a user. When the user clicks on this ad, a charge is made to the person advertising (hence pay-per click). You’ll essentially be paying to bring in new customers, and if your adverts work – then this shouldn’t negatively affect your revenue. 
Facebook Ads let new customers find you. You target them based on what you already know about them, such as hobbies, income, gender, age, location etc, and this displays your ad to them. You still pay-per-click, but your audience has to find you as you appear on their timelines. 
Both ad types are great for businesses looking to target their audience, but one will work better than the other depending on the type of business that you run. But how can you decide which is best for you? 
Will Google Ads Work For You? 
People search for things on Google every day, and if your ad relates to one of these searches, it’s likely you’ll show up under the term searched. Google has such a large audience, that no other advertising source will be able to give you a similar scope online. 
Making sure you create quality ads will mean Google can display them more accurately to users that they deem the ad relevant for. If you know you’ve optimised your ad to it’s full potential then you won’t need to worry about ‘bidding’ (this is where advertisers bid on ad impressions when Google has a space available, with this bid going into an auction that decides which ad will be displayed in that space). 
Bidding success depends on the relevance and quality of the ad, with appeal (such as click through rate) being an important factor if you want to win the auction. 
Using Google’s AdWords, you can select different formats for your ads so that they become more enticing to your audience. Customising your ad using AdWords to make it more appealing for your intended audience. With Google continuously working on AdWords to further help businesses who advertise using them, then Google Ads can become a powerful tool that brings your business success. 
Will Facebook Ads Work For You? 
Facebook ads are the most popular of all social media advertising routes, often being the first choice for businesses who want to take digital marketing to the next level. 
Facebook has recently hit 3 billion users, with 1.55 billion being active monthly – and whilst you obviously won’t need to advertise to them all, it gives you a great audience pool to target. 
Facebook’s appeal lies in its targeting features. Using Facebook targeting, you can target your audience based on almost anything – from life events to job, you can build up your audience’s persona and target it using Facebook Ads. You can also use lookalike audiences, uploading information about previously existing audience members, doubling your potential reach and engagement. 
For businesses with small budgets, Facebook Ads are great to use. When done correctly, they can bring you a good return on investment, as the competitive nature of the market allows for your business to reach out to audiences even with a small ad budget, and see you paying little per click should your ad become a success. 
If you like to get visual, then look no further than Facebook. Ads on this platform allow your creativity to shine – creating images, videos and copy that is appealing to Facebook users. The visual nature of Facebook gives your business the opportunity to really attract an audience beyond text-based advertising, and get your ad/business sticking in the minds of those who come across your advert on their timelines. 
Which Ad Is Best For My Business? 
Choosing the right platform for your business is completely down to you. 
Google Ads and Facebook Ads complement one another, but do also have individual benefits that work better for some business over others. Look at who your audience is, and see if you’d benefit more from attracting them using paid social or paid search. 
Using this information, you can begin to choose whether Facebook or Google Ads are best for you. Take a look at your options and start creating an ad that wins you business and makes your advertising successful today! 
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