If you’re running an Instagram account for your business, it’s just as important that you build relationships with users on there, as it is with any other social media platform. 
Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool, especially for those whose products or services can be suitably advertised through visual images or videos. Instagram relationships can lead to sales and strong connections for your business, so you can assure that you’ll have sustainable growth for your business both on and offline. 
Here are some ways for you to build your relationships on Instagram. 
Engagement Posts 
If you’re looking for quick engagement, engagement posts are a great way to do it. Ask questions from your audience that requires them to post a comment. You can make questions centred around your industry – e.g. if your business revolves around food, you could ask your audience what their favourite meals are- or they can be a little more general, for example ‘It’s Friday, meaning the weekend is almost here! What will you be getting up to?’. These posts will both bring you comments from your followers and will allow you to interact back. You can like their comment, so they know you’ve seen and acknowledged it, and you can reply to and potentially get a conversation started. 
65% of Instagram users said they’ll occasionally ignore the captions on posts, so incorporating your question into your graphic or encouraging the audience to ‘read/comment below’ will be a sure fire way to make sure you have all bases covered and will attract comments. 
Post When Your Followers Are Online 
When your followers are online, you should make sure you’re targeting your posts to appear around this time. You can find when your followers are most active by checking your insights. Posting just before they come online is the best way to make sure they’ll be engaging with you, as it means your post will appear at the top of their feeds when they open Instagram. If you post whilst they’re online, they may miss your post as they may not decide to refresh their feed after scrolling through other posts. 
Post Consistently 
Making your posts are consistent is key to making sure you have brand recognition and potential to build relationships. You want to ensure customer retention, so timing your posts perfectly to the days and times that you’re likely to see the most engagement will help you create a strong Instagram marketing plan that will see you successfully build your following and your relationship with them. 
Respond To Your DM’s 
If people are taking the time to message you directly, make sure you’re replying, and you’re replying fast. Often people will DM you to find out more about what you do or what your product is about, so having that direct contact back with them within a good timeframe will help you to potentially bring in a new customer, whilst your able to build a good and positive relationship with them. 
If you don’t reply quickly to your messages, you’re likely to lose out on potential sales and potentially lose them as a follower too. You have to show you care about your brand and the customer that will bring value to you, so make sure you’re keeping on top of your messages. 
Use Instagram Live 
Instagram Live will help you talk to your customers in real time and show them the person behind the account/business. They’ll be able to ask you questions there and then, and you’ll be able to give them the answers. You can do it as a Q&A, show some behind the scenes exclusives, or focus on a certain new product launch. This will all help you build a good relationship with your audience, as you can have a flowing conversation with them that will answer their questions and build their trust in you and your brand. 
Interact With Your Followers Content 
If your followers tag you in their stories or posts, make sure they know that you’ve seen it. You can repost stories that you’re tagged in and thank your followers for their support of your business. This positive feedback may also be an incentive for others to take a chance on your products and see if it will work for them in the same way. 
Interacting with your followers will help you build relationships with them as you’ll both be able to see and appreciate the value that you have given each other. 
Building relationships on Instagram is an important step in sustaining growth on your account and increasing your sales, so make sure you’re engaging with your followers and see how these relationships can build. 
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