Facebook Ad Campaigns can have great success for businesses when they’re done correctly. Finding the right formula for your business is an individual and unique process, that can see you gaining more conversions and bringing in more revenue. 
Here are some tips on how you can create a great Facebook Ad Campaign… 
What Do You Offer? 
You need to give those who view your ads some kind of offer that entices them to click through to your landing page. Whether you sell goods that are ethically sourced, your businesses values are created to make a positive impact, sales support a charity or simply you offer a discount for new customers, offering something that speaks to the audience will help your sales skyrocket. 
Your ad copy isn’t just a place where you need to “sell, sell, sell” – you need to speak to the audience on their level – they want to know why they should invest in the product you’re offering them, and how it’s going to help solve a problem that they’re having. You know your audiences wants and needs best, so make sure you’re looking at your target market closely when writing your ad copy. 
Emotionally connecting with an audience is a great way to get them interested in your ad - if you both have similar values, then you'll be able to make an instant connection with them. For example, if part of your sales go to a charity that members of your target audience support, the pull to purchase whatever you're offering will be stronger as they won't just be receiving a product or service that will help them which also helps your business by giving you something financially beneficial, but they'll also be giving to a charity too - meaning everyone will get something out of a singular click through of your ad.  
Track Your Sales 
Whilst tracking your vanity metrics is an important part of your digital marketing, when it comes to your ads you also need to know your sales. Whilst your ad could have a great clickthrough rate, if your main goal of your Facebook ads is to sell your products or services then you need to know how many sales you’re getting specifically from people who follow your call to action on your ads. 
If your sales aren’t high, then you need to take a look at what modifications you can make to your ad or to your landing page that will help to get these sales improving. 
Conversion tracking can also help to save you money – whilst constantly putting money into your ad that performs well with your vanity metrics may seem like the right thing to do, keeping your ad spend low but keeping your conversions high will see you having a far better return on investment. 
Make Sure You’re Building Your Ads, Step By Step 
You need to build your ads into a success – whilst creating them is a simple process, you need to begin with the foundation for your ads, and then build it up until the entire ad is complete and optimised to work for your business. Carefully approach each step of your ad building to ensure you’re targeting the right people, you’re selecting the correct ad formats and the design of your ad works perfectly for the type of campaign that you want to run. 
Everything you create for your ad creative needs to be optimised, as this is where you gain the most conversions. A great way of checking that your ad works is using an A/B Test. These tests are where you run two sets of ads that have slight differences, whether that be in the copy, the graphic/video that you use or some targeting metrics, you can judge which works the best based on this test and begin running the highest-performing ad as your main Facebook ad for your business. 
Set Goals 
Running an ad is a good way to boost your marketing, but if you don’t know why you’re running the ad in the first place, then tracking your analytics won’t lead you anywhere. So, when it comes to your ad, make sure you define clear goals for what you want to achieve, whether that be a specific ROI, upping your sales month by month, growing your business page – whatever you deem necessary, you need to set this as a goal. Creating an ad may be great generally for marketing on Facebook, but your performance will improve if you’re constantly working towards and reaching your goals, hitting the targets you set out for yourself. It gives your ad a purpose, and allows you and your team to know exactly what points they need to be hitting when it comes to the creation and management of your ad. 
Facebook Ads can seem like a big task when you first begin creating them, but the more practice and testing you do the better your ads will be. Start building ads today and see how they can transform your online marketing tactics. 
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