When you create an account on LinkedIn, you need to make your profile stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to showcase your achievements and skills, attract people to your content and find connections with others in your industry. 
LinkedIn can enhance the way you do business, by letting you reach a whole new world of business owners within your industry, creating valuable and meaningful relationships. 
Here’s how you can create the perfect profile on LinkedIn. 
Upload A Professional Profile & Cover Image 
A professional profile photo will show people who is behind the profile. Your profile photo should be recent, look like you, unfiltered and a great representation of how you look when you’re working. Using photos that don’t present you in a professional light can turn people away, especially if you’re serious about using LinkedIn for your B2B marketing. 
Your cover image can show people a little more about you, whether it’s a shot of you at work or a general yet suitable image, you’ll be able to use this to give profile visitors more indication about who you are and what you do. 
Create A Headline 
You need a headline that tells people what you do. Whether you’re just describing your job role or you want to sell yourself to potential connections by making your headline impressive and descriptive, this is an important part of your profile as it tells viewers about the industry you operate in and the job you possess within your company. This is helpful when you want to connect with similar people, as LinkedIn allows you to filter your searches by job role, meaning you can find like-minded workers to strike up conversations with. 
Tell Your Story 
Its important people know your story. When it comes to describing yourself and your job, don’t be afraid to explain how you got into the industry you’re in now and how you ended up in the job you’re in. That personal touch can add a little bit of interest and intrigue, and humanises the profile beyond buzzwords and jargon. 
Highlight Your Skills 
Your skills are one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile – it shows people what you’re good at, and which areas are the strongest for you within your current job. Make sure you stay on top of adding and removing skills so that your profile can remain relevant and doesn’t display any skills you no longer possess, or are out of date. Same goes for any achievements – certifications can come with time limits before they need updating or removing from your profile entirely, so make sure you’re regularly updating these areas so that if anyone comes across your profile, they’ll be getting the right information and impression of you. 
Share Relevant Content 
The content you share needs to be relevant, showing your industry knowledge and appealing to others in your industry. If you want to put yourself in a position to find people for B2B marketing through this content, you can even join relevant groups to help spread your content to a bigger, more targeted audience than the entire LinkedIn network. When you do post content, make sure it’s fresh – as LinkedIn likely won’t be the only place you’re posting, taking sections of your blogs, sharing the blogs entirely, posting things from other socials – finding ideas for your posts can be easy. If you don’t have any of this, then you should have industry knowledge to create your own posts that’ll catch the audience’s eye and get them engaging with you. 
Update Your Contact Information 
If you want people to get in contact with you, then make sure your LinkedIn contact information is correct. If you ever change information, like your phone number or email address, then try and update this quickly on your profile in order to keep those connections, calls and emails coming in. Whilst people can message you directly, others would prefer taking communication out of the site, so this is always something to consider if you’d like to be contacted beyond LinkedIn. 
Make Your Profile Public 
If your profile isn’t public, then people won’t be able to find you to connect with, defeating your chances of successful B2B marketing. By switching your profile to be viewed publicly, you can begin appearing in searches. You can choose whether you’d like your profile picture to be public by toggling this option on or off, if you’d like to maintain some privacy on the platform without fully restricting yourself from visibility. 
Follow Topics You’re Interested In 
By following topics that you find interesting, you’ll have the opportunity to begin meaningful conversations with other posters and start creating relationships with the people you’re interacting with. Being visible on LinkedIn is what helps to get you out in front of the people who operate in your industry, and lets you reach those who would prove valuable to connect with for your business. 
LinkedIn can take a little time to get right, but when you get your profile perfect, you can begin the marketing process and bring in important connections and build relationships that can have a positive impact on your business. Optimise your profile today and see how it works for you! 
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