Starting out on social media means you’ll need to attract an audience to your page and get them engaging with you. This can be a big task at first, especially if you don’t have much of an idea who your target audience should be, what platforms they’re on, what kind of content they enjoy or if they’d be interested in what you’re offering. 
When you find your target audience, you’ll be able to start marketing directly to them, and get them engaged with your business and products. 
Here’s how you can discover your target audience on social media… 
Create An Audience Persona 
You need to begin with your audience persona. This is where you’ll map out all the desired qualities of someone within your audience, and figure out exactly who they are. You’ll need to consider the following… 
• Age 
• Gender 
• Job 
• Income 
• Location 
• Their pain points & how your product can solve them. 
• The stage of life they are in. 
All of these things build up a picture of your audience member, and can form the basis of all your marketing efforts on social media. There’s always potential to create multiple personas, especially if you have multiple products that hit different pain points for different people. 
Know Where They’re Active 
Marketing on a social media platform when there are so many to choose from can be difficult if you don’t know where your audience frequents most. Sites like TikTok have a large Gen Z audience, whereas Millennials can be found on Instagram and Twitter and older generations are likely to be on Facebook.  
Knowing where your audience frequents and what platform they engage with most should guide your marketing efforts and give you an idea where your content will perform best. That isn’t to say however you should follow a rigid structure – especially if you have different buyer personas – video content or graphics may work better on one platform compared to longform content, so sharing your content across platform won’t hurt, especially as you figure things out at the start of your journey. 
Look At Your Competitors 
Your competitors are great to keep an eye on, and will be a good starting point for you to see where they’re excelling, where they’re not doing well and what gaps they have in their marketing. Copying isn’t advised, but you’ll be able to see the kind of approach they take to addressing and attracting their audience, which can be beneficial as you start to plan your own strategy. Take a look into the keywords and hashtags they use that perform well, and take note for your own copy and graphics. 
Talk To Your Customers 
Unless your business is brand new, it’s likely you’ll already have some customers available for you to survey and ask about their most regular social media platform and the content they enjoy. This gives you a real-world idea of the people you’re trying to also target online, and can aid your research into your persona. 
Finding your Target Audience on social media can take time, and building a following is a process that can take a while to perfect. Follow these tips and find your target audience online today. 
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