When you’re looking to market yourself on social media, one of the most important things you need to consider is engagement. You can ask your audience for it and strategically create posts in order to receive it, but if you’re not engaging with them, you’re likely to see that engagement decrease. 
People want to create a connection with you and your business – social media is what it says in the title, social. You can engage with your audience and find a way to connect with them on a level deeper than just the surface. Creating conversations and discussions with them will allow you to show them your expertise and give them some value that will help to keep them around and interested in what you’re posting. 
Social media engagement needs to be done well. Here are some ways you can practice getting engagement and returning it to your clients. 
The Variations Of Engagement 
Engagement isn’t just likes and comments. It's also mentions, messages, retweets and shares and even simple clicks onto your content. 
These will all help you with your insights and your analytics, which will in turn help you work when the best times are for engagement and so you can tailor your posts to those times. You’ll be able to find out which of your posts are striking a chord with your target audience, and which posts aren’t, helping you decided what you should post more or less of. 
Why Is Engagement Important? 
If your posts have engagement that are more ‘meaningful’, sites such as Facebook will prioritise your posts. Interacting with your audience will make them feel considered and like they are of worth to you and to your business. 
Your clients will expect a response from you especially if they decide to send you a message. If you’re not actively responding to your audience’s questions and queries, its likely that they won’t stick around and chase you for a response – they’ll potentially move onto a competitor. Therefore, responding to messages needs to be something that you make a part of your social media strategy. 
Responding to your complaints or negative reviews and resolving the issue quickly will also positively impact your brand, as it will show your professionalism and your ability to make sure you can respond to and help with any customer service issues. 66% of 18–54 year olds will view a brand more favourably if they respond on social media to customer service requests, so make sure you’re doing this if you want to retain your audience. 
Increasing Your Engagement 
You need to make sure you’re interacting with your followers as much as they’re interacting with you. If you were in a room with all of your clients and they spoke to you, you wouldn’t just ignore them and walk away. Therefore, on social media, you need to make sure that you’re talking to them and engaging in conversations. 
Develop Your Brand Voice 
How do you want to portray yourself? Your brand voice should form the basis of all your interactions online. It should also be fitting to what your brand is about, and if you choose to be humorous for example, it needs to be tasteful. This brand voice will help with brand recognition as you begin to grow and will also help your customers interact with you. If your brand voice is formal, you’re likely to have more formal conversations with those who are commenting or messaging you. 
Monitor Your Engagement 
As previously mentioned, you need to know your insights and analytics. This will help you to work out the best times to post and when the optimal times for engagement are. Keeping on top of this will help you to know when your audience are online and actively engaging with your posts. 
Posting just before your audience come online will show them your post at the top of their feed, which will make it the first thing they see. If it triggers interest, then you’re likely to see engagement from your followers, and if you decide to have a conversation with them, it will keep them online and keep your business in their mind for the entire duration of this conversation. 
Social media engagement is important for all businesses if they want to see growth. By making sure you’re doing it well, you’ll be able to retain your client base, following and make your social media a successful part of your overall marketing strategy. Start interacting with your audience today and see how it can help your business. 
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