On Instagram, you’ll be able to market to an audience that gets to see your business through a more visual lens, using impressive graphics and reels to sell your content to your followers. 
According to Instagram, 30.6 million people in the UK – or 46% of the population – have Instagram, and 42% can be reached by advertising. So, Instagram would be a great choice for businesses looking to market themselves on social media. 
Here are some top tips on how you can use Instagram as part of your social media strategy. 
Instagram Business Profiles 
An Instagram Business Profile (or a Professional Account) is where you can convert your personal account or create a new account and convert that into your Business Account. This will give you more tools to use, such as access to post analytics, that will help with your marketing efforts and give your business a more professional look on the platform. 
Instagram Ads 
Instagram Ads are a great way for you to advertise your content, products and services to your audience. One way to do this is selecting the ‘boost post’ option. You’ll need an account with Meta Business Suite to get started. When you do this, you’ll be able to select your budget, target audience and duration for how long you want to boost the content you posted, and you’ll have an “ad” running based on something you’ve already posted. 
Aside from this, you can run a full ad campaign. Log into Meta Business Suite, and select ‘create ad’. Then, you can choose from what kind of ad you’d like to create. Instagram will push that you go for boosting a post or creating an automated ad if you haven’t done ads before, as it can keep your budget low and Instagram will adjust your targeting and bidding strategy as it learns from your audience’s behaviour. Otherwise, you can create ads yourself, selecting from options such as website visitors, promote a page, or get more purchases. 
When you’ve decided your goal, you’ll need to input your ad creative. A lot of Instagrams Ad Formats have options for you to upload multiple ad creatives that Instagram will switch out, almost like automatic A/B testing
After this, you need to set your target audience. You can target: 
• People you Choose – Create your own audience based on targeting factors like age, gender, location, interests etc. 
• Retarget audiences who have previously engaged with you 
• People who like your Facebook Page and Instagram Followers 
• People similar to those who follow or like your page 
• Meta’s AI tool that finds your audience for you based on 
Then, select your budget and launch your ad! 
Utilise Instagram Shop 
44% of people use Instagram Shop every week, so this is a great way for you to sell your items directly on the platform. Tag items in posts, reels and stories for users to click through to see them instantly without taking them out of the platform and disengaging them from your content. 
Discover The Power of User Generated Content 
User Generated Content is where you encourage or offer members of your audience the chance to feature on your profile when they post about using your products. This is a great marketing tactic, as other members of your audience will see someone who looks just like them using your products and seeing them work in real time. 
A quick way of ensuring you always have UGC available is making your ‘tagged’ section visible, so you and your followers can see all the posts users have tagged your profile in. 
Develop A Style Guide For Your Brand 
Instagram is all about the visuals, and you need to have a style guide that’ll help you fully get to grips with creating content that reflects your brand, helps with brand recognition and makes you stand out from the crowd. 
Get creative, and make your grid look visually appealing and give a great first impression. Graphics need to be cohesive in style, colour, and font, and your text needs to use your brand voice in order to really get people seeing who you are as a brand. 
A Style Guide will direct your whole creative team on what they need to do when it comes to creating social content, and can really help to draw in new followers if done correctly and professionally. 
Use Stories 
Instagram Stories are extremely popular, and allows you to link to websites, articles, products etc. You can use stories to advertise too, showing up when users are tapping through the stories are friends and celebrities that they follow. Stories add an extra layer of creativity to your marketing, letting you promote your grid posts, share user generated content, and give some behind the scenes exclusives to followers who are engaging with you. 
Instagram is a great platform for people who want to show their audience what they do through visual means, and impress audiences straight away when you appear on their feeds. Start using Instagram today for your marketing and see your social media performance improve! 
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