LinkedIn is an incredible platform when it comes to B2B Marketing, giving users the opportunity to connect to likeminded business owners and employees from a vast range of industries across the world, opening them up to new opportunities and lasting relationships. 
Marketing on LinkedIn looks a little different to marketing on more personal sites like Facebook or Instagram, as you’ll be speaking to people in a corporate world, making it important for you to know exactly what you need to do differently to successfully use the platform. 
Here are some top social media marketing tips for LinkedIn. 
Utilise Your Employee’s Profiles 
If you have employees that use LinkedIn, then encourage them to use their own profiles to post content. Research by LinkedIn suggests that employee networks on average have 10x more connections than a company has followers and that their content gets twice as many click throughs compared to content posted on a business page. 
Using employees for your marketing can bring you success, as often users will connect with others within your industry, meaning the target audience for the type of post you’re putting out on LinkedIn is readily available, especially if you’re advertising any new jobs. 
It’s also great for bringing visibility to your business, as users interested in the content posted will be able to see who posted it, and which company they work for. 
Don’t Focus On Sales 
Not focusing on your sales tactics may sound a little concerning, especially if you’ve set out to use social media to advertise and sell. However, LinkedIn is all about creating leads, not sales, as it’s not a go-to platform for users who want to make a purchase or explore what you’re selling. 
Divert your focus on LinkedIn to building relationships and professional connections with other business owners and industry leaders, and offer advice instead of pushing for sales. That’s not to say you can’t advertise or sell on LinkedIn, but you need to be mindful of how you’re marketing to this audience compared to how you’d market to your target audience on Facebook and Instagram. 
Experiment With Content Styles 
LinkedIn offers you a range of options for your content, including the standard post option but also things such as newsletters and articles where you can really display your industry knowledge and create impressive long-form content. 
Depending on your approach to LinkedIn, experimenting with different styles of content will help you track what performs the best and see what users engage with the most. Images on LinkedIn get a 2 times higher comment rate, and videos have a 5 times more engagement, so make sure you take this into consideration when planning out your LinkedIn Marketing strategy. 
Send Short, Personalised Messages and Connection Requests 
If you’re reaching out to other users, then make sure you personalise your messages. This not only helps them feel as though you’re interested in what they have to offer your business, but it also gives you the opportunity to find out more information about the people you’re directly reaching out to, which can lend itself to creating valuable and informative conversations. Highlight important parts of information that you’ve found on their profiles, showing them exactly why you’re interested in speaking to them instead of other similar prospects. 
You must keep your initial message short too – LinkedIn has found that InMail that’s kept under 400 characters perform the best, and as most business choose to go over this limit, keeping messages short and to the point allows you to stand out from the crowd. 
Post Regularly 
Like all social media, you need a regular posting pattern to really start seeing results on LinkedIn. Make sure you’re monitoring your analytics to see when the best times to post are, or research the times where content will perform best on average on LinkedIn and use this formula to create your schedule. 
Regularly posting allows you to consistently show up on people’s feeds, attract more followers and engagement and create content around your schedule. You can also use scheduling platforms if you’ll struggle to post on the dot each day you need a post going out, as this can save you and time keep you on track with your posting. 
LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses leaning more towards a B2B Marketing strategy and can provide you with a new avenue to post content and create valuable and lasting connections in business. Use these tips and start marketing on LinkedIn today! 
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