In the current digital landscape, social listening has become an easy yet under-utilised tool for businesses to use and pay attention to when it comes to their marketing online. 
Understanding your customers allows you to stay ahead of trends, and can transform the way you create your strategies and market on social media. Growing your business is often one of your main priorities, and social listening can be a helping hand in doing just that. 
Here’s why your business should be using social listening… 

Make Your Customers Feel Heard 

There are multiple ways to make your customers feel heard, whether that’s replying to their comments and messages, answering questions during live streams or even just acknowledging them with a like on one of their posts. 
When your customers feel valued, their overall satisfaction will be enhanced as they’ll feel like their comments, reviews and questions have been acknowledged. It shows your business cares about the customer experience and lets you manage your reputation. Knowing how your customers think and feel about your business means you’re able to effectively address any concerns before the problem grows. 
Research by Hubspot has found that 93% of customers are likely to make a repeat purchase with a business that offers them excellent customer service. Brand loyalty can be built by making customers fee heard – if they can see you’re actively taking on and applying their feedback to make positive changes for them and other customers, they’re more likely to become loyal to your brand and advocate for it. 

Keep Track Of Growth 

As your business grows, you may notice that you get fake reviews, more negative comments or find people are seeing genuine faults with someone you offer. This is where social listening comes in handy, as you can begin to address concerns that have been raised and change things to take things better. Positive management of your growth and your platforms will help you stay on top of all this. When it comes to fake reviews or angry comments, addressing them in a calm and professional manner and taking them out of the public space will let you directly solve any issues without drawing too much attention to it. Fake reviews should be investigated and cleared up as soon as possible, as not to affect your brand trust. 

New Opportunities 

If you’re running business and notice customers have complaints or suggestions, then you’ll be able to take this feedback on board and look to find ways to expand your business beyond what you’re offering, if budget enables. Say you run a course, and have an overwhelming number of applications but not enough spaces, you can use this interest to see how you could increase your business’ output and operations in the future. 

Identify Pain Points 

Looking at your products or services, do they solve your audience’s pain points? Social listening can be a huge help with this – looking at conversations your audience are having online will help you adapt your output in order to help solve their problems, and fill any gaps in your current marketing that could make the difference between success and failure. Use keywords to search for information and take a look at discussions that your audience are having to help you discover exactly what your business needs to be doing in order to get ahead of your competition and be the one people go to first. 
Instead of assuming what your customers want to see, social listening can give you real time information from the people you want to target – aiding your digital marketing strategies in numerous ways. Try it out today and begin connecting with your audience. 
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