Twitter is a great platform to use if you want to see growth for your business. With it’s fast-paced nature, it is, of all social media, the best place to grow a following in a quick amount of time. 
But how do you ensure that the follower you’re gaining are valuable to your business? 
Curating your Twitter Business profile to target your specific audience takes more than just creating a profile, adding in your information and posting a few tweets here and there. You need to make sure you’re consistent on Twitter to ensure you’re getting the results you desire from the audience you would most like to target. 
Here are some ways how you can grow your Twitter following. 
Post Frequently 
On Twitter, the timeline moves quickly and it’s easy for your post to get lost in the constant stream of Tweets flooding in. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re posting regularly in order to drum up engagement and visibility. 
When you’re actively posting on Twitter your audience will be able to see you’re online and keeping consistent with the posting of your tweets. Using scheduling tools is a great way of keeping content up without having to log on at different times and post tweets there and then – you can get posts prepared to go out in advance, whilst you focus on other aspects of your business. 
Use Visual Content 
Eye-catching visual content is important if you want people to follow you on Twitter. Pair some of your tweets with images or videos, not only to break up your own Twitter timeline from text-based posts, but also to capture the attention of those who will scroll endlessly through timelines and hashtags. 
Apps such as Canva are great sources for visual content that is on brand, interesting and will stop scrollers in their tracks. Try and create some visual content for your Twitter profile to get people engaged with you. 
Use Hashtags 
Hashtags are one of the main things Twitter is known for – and you should take advantage of them. Don’t overload your Tweets with hashtags, but add in some relevant ones here and there to expand your reach. Hashtags are especially important for sharing your content as you’ll be able to reach a vast majority of your target audience by using hashtags they’re most likely to interact with. Start by researching hashtags that are relevant to your industry and begin using them in your posts so you can maximise your reach, impressions and followers. 
You need to engage with your audience when they engage with you. Reply, retweet and like any comments they make towards you, to show them some appreciation for taking the time to interact with you and your content. If they have an issue, kindly reply by asking for them to DM you so you can create a private dialogue with them in order to take their problem away from the timeline, and keep the interaction professional at all times. 
If they post something positive about your product or service, share this to your timeline by liking and retweeting, and leave a simple reply to say thank you. This helps with brand trust and reputation, so make sure you’re actively engaging with followers and non-followers to build up your Twitter profile. 
If there are any Twitter threads happening that are of interest to your industry or to your followers, retweet them and reply to the thread with your own expertise and knowledge. This will help you grow your audience, as you’ll be interacting with posts outside of your own, and involving yourself in communities your business relates too. You also potentially create a positive relationship with others in your industry this way, which is always a plus for smaller businesses especially. 
Promote Across Platforms 
Get loyal customers who follow you on other social media to follow you on Twitter. Not only is this a good way to start up on Twitter, but you’ll have happy customers engaging with you on your new platform, which is great for brand trust. You can also run exclusive competitions and offers on Twitter, and let your followers on other platforms know so they head over to your Twitter and give you a follow to keep up with any more upcoming exclusives. 
Twitter is a great platform for businesses looking to gain a following on social media. Make sure you’ve optimised your profile with your logo, header, website and slogan, follow some accounts that relate to your industry and start implementing these tips to grow your following today. 
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