When you start marketing on social media, you need to build your presence. This visibility helps you engage new audiences and boost your brand awareness/recognition. 
Your social media presence is vital to successfully marketing your business online, but where do you start? 
Here are some tips on how you can increase your business’ social media presence. 
Engage With Your Audience 
You audience is an important part of your marketing – they’re at the very centre of what you do, and you create your entire strategy around them to get the best outcome and results. By engaging with your audience, you’ll start building a community around your brand and create conversations about the products/services that you sell. 
Showing your audience that they’re valued and their opinions are heard can help to spark more interactions, which will boost your performance on social media algorithms. The more that people like, share and comment, the more visible your business becomes. An actively engaged audience can help to create loyal customers and followers, that will be with you every step of the way and who you can rely on to engage with your content. 
Manage Your Community 
You need to make sure you’re managing your community so that you’re carefully curating an environment that you want to surround your business in. Moderating the discussions that your audience are taking part in can allow you to add valuable insights, understand their opinions and answer queries, as well as monitoring any areas for concern. Making sure your audience are satisfied and happy with your business and products/services can help to grow your audience, especially if those already in the community start advocating for you. 
Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent 
You brand voice is unique to your business, and can help you stand out from your competition. It forms your personality and helps people recognise your brand. Keeping it consistent across your platforms helps to make your brand image cohesive and makes your content easily recognisable amongst all of the other similar businesses in your industry. 
Stay Active 
You need to stay active to keep the conversation going – post regularly, and use your analytics to find the ideal times that you should post onto your social media platforms. Being active lets social media platforms know that you’re still using your account and that you’re remaining relevant and current, which helps to boost your visibility. 
This also shows that you’re committed to providing your audience with content, and will be a regular feature on their timelines – keeping your business at the forefront of their minds when they look to invest in a product or service that you’re selling. 
Leverage Trending Topics 
Trends signal what’s popular on social media at that current moment – whether its trends or hashtags, you can explore how you can creatively take advantage of what’s getting traction on social media whilst keeping it relevant to your business. Trending content is often pushed – especially on platforms like TikTok and X – so keep an eye out for any trending subjects and incorporate them into your marketing strategy accordingly. 
Use User-Generated Content 
User Generated Content (UGC) is where you latch on to posts created by your audience that relate to your products, services and business and re-share them (with permission) with the rest of the audience. This content lets you continue building and strengthening your community, and makes your content plan more authentic. 
Having users share their positive experiences with you can help to build brand trust with those on the fence about whether they should invest in what you have to sell, and deepen the connection you have to those who are sharing content and tagging you in it. UGC is an important way to include your audience into what you do and make them a more integral part of your businesses marketing strategy. 
Use Social Monitoring & Listening 
Social Monitoring & Listening is where you see what exactly your audience has to say about you. Track your mentions, comments, replies, messages, reviews – anywhere that your audience will be giving an opinion on business. This lets you quickly address any problems and adapt your strategy based on the feedback you get from your audience. This can only help to improve your marketing and what you offer, and lets you stay proactive in managing any problems that could arise. If your audience see you’re making the changes they have asked for, fixing problems promptly or continue to improve and strengthen areas they like, then they’ll trust that you care and respect their opinions. 
Social Media Presence doesn’t have to be a difficult thing and will take some time – especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, using these tips will help you to boost your social media presence and bring in new audiences. Test them today and start building your presence! 
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