If you’ve never done a social media audit before, the idea of it can be quite daunting to get your head around. You need to understand how all of your platforms are performing and how they fit with the strategy you set out at the beginning of your businesses journey on social media. 
If you need help with a social media audit then not to worry – here’s all the information you need in order to create a valuable, insightful social media audit that will help you build your following and your social media success. 
What Social Media Accounts Does Your Business Have? 
Firstly, you need to make sure you list all your social media accounts. Make sure you do a search for these accounts on each platform too so you can see if there’s anyone impersonating you. If so, you’ll need to report it and get it taken down. 
You also need to make sure you’re keeping track of your log-ins, so you’ll be able to easily access these accounts, even the ones you may not be using. 
Listing your social media accounts will help you discover platforms that may be worth you launching on, so you can expand your following and client base. 
Is Your Brand Consistent? 
Your branding needs to be consistent across your social media platforms. Does your branding reflect where you currently are as a business? You need to make sure your branding matches on all your social media accounts, and that images are optimised to fit with each platform’s restrictions on sizing’s for things such as profile pictures and cover photos. 
You need to make sure your bios, links, and pinned posts all line up too. If you find you’re neglecting one platform, it may be worth reviewing the usage of this platform and whether or not its viable to continue, or to specifically prioritise it if it’s working for you, but falling behind slightly in terms of posting. 
Assess your social media accounts like a potential follower would. This will help you look through the eyes of your target audience and see what could be changed, and what content is the most interesting. 
Which Content Is Working? 
Your content is the thing that attracts an audience, and some content is bound to receive more interaction than others. You need to analyse which of your content is performing the best, because this will help you know what posts your business should be focusing on producing compared to those posts you should do less of. This helps you build your engagement, and make rich quality content that hooks the audience and interests them in your products or services. 
You can find this information in your social media analytics across all the platforms that you’re currently using. 
How Are You Performing On Your Channels? 
Your social media performance needs to be assessed so you know where you’re doing the best, and where you’re not performing well. Do you have specific goals for your social media platforms? If not, you need to take a look at what you want from these platforms. Maybe you want conversions from Instagram, but engagement from Facebook. This will help you modify your content too, and track how well it works for you when you change your plans. 
Know Your Audience 
You need to know exactly who your audience are. What do they like? How old are they? What are their hobbies? Your audience demographics should be at the forefront of your mind whilst your creating content for social media so you can perfectly target the people you want to engage with you. All platforms have different average age ranges, so it’s worth looking at the date available so you know which platforms your audience are likely to frequent. 
Update Your Strategy 
After you’ve gone through all of these steps, you can update your strategy so it’s optimised to exactly where your business is right now. It’ll help you and your team make any changes to your social media quickly so you can maximise your engagement and increase your success 
Running a social media audit is important to keep track of how your business is doing and can give you insights into any areas that you can strengthen so you can become one of the leaders in your industry. Make sure you’re running regular social media audits so you can stay up to date with your online performance. 
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