Twitter is a great platform to use if you’re looking to market your business on social media.  
On the surface, Twitter may not be your number 1 choice for social media marketing, but it has some great tools that can really boost the visibility of your business. 
Here’s how you can effectively use Twitter for your business. 
Set Up Your Profile 
Your profile needs to be fully optimised in order to be complete and helpful to those seeing you for the first time. You’ll need: 
- A profile picture (usually your logo) 
- A header 
- Website links 
- A bio (should be a brief introduction to your business, or your slogan) 
- A relevant name and @ 
When you have all of these, and they work for your business, you can then begin using other Twitter features that will help you succeed with your marketing. 
Follow Relevant Accounts 
When you first join Twitter, you’ll want to build up a following. You can do this by following accounts within your industry and your niche, and connect with people you work with – whether that’s colleagues, friends or customers. You need to create a foundation for your account and gaining followers is a great place to start. Promote your account on other platforms you may have so you can draw people over to follow you on Twitter too. 
You can also leave replies to improve brand visibility, tag those you mention in the posts and use hashtags to get your business out there. 
Share Visual Content 
You should share visual content, such as pictures and videos, to your audience that are relevant to you and your business. This content should be in your brand style, and be creative. Add text when you post images/videos in order to expand your reach, and use apps like Canva or Adobe Photoshop to create visual content that stands out from the crowd. 
Make Conversation 
Involve yourself in a conversation that you can add valuable knowledge and insight to. Your tweets need to be accurate, and give information to the audience about your business. 
The more you engage, the more your business becomes visible to a new audience who’ll check your profile out. If you don’t know where to begin, start interacting with your customers on the platform when they leave you replies, and reply back to DM’s you receive in a timely manner. This will help you build brand trust, and a positive relationship with your followers and a potential new audience. 
Include Hashtags 
You need to include hashtags where possible, and these hashtags need to be relevant. Hashtags are a great tool for social listening, and as anyone can see tweets under a specific hashtag, your content will begin to show up more frequently when someone searches for that hashtag. This can then lead them to your profile, and if they like what they see, they may follow you. 
Analyse Results 
Keep track of your analytics so you can see how you’re performing and what is working for you. You can create a content plan and schedule around this, and use sites like Hootsuite to make tweeting easier by scheduling content for the days and times that are working the best for you. 
Using Twitter to effectively market your business can help you create a network of loyal followers, and boost your brand trust and visibility. Follow these steps and see how Twitter can work for you today. 
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