When you look to promoting your business using social media, Facebook is a platform many will turn to in order to build an audience, reach their target audience and grow their following. 
Facebook is a great site to use, with many tools available for business owners to get to grips with and take advantage of if they want to see their social media marketing efforts flourish. 
Here are some top tips on how you can use Facebook for your social media marketing. 
Go Live 
Facebook gives users the opportunity to broadcast live to their audience, and this can be a great source of engagement for business looking to boost their interactions and get people seeing the face behind the business. 
Research by Facebook found that live videos get 6X as many interactions as a traditional-videos. Facebook users want to get involved when a creator is live, and this allows you to build a good relationship with those who comment, give more insight into the behind-the-scenes process of your business or information about your products, and maximise your reach with your audience. When you go live on Facebook, those who follow your page will get a notification that you’re live, and your video will appear at the top of your feed. 
You can give your audience a chance to ask questions prior to your live video, or even ask them what they’d like you to go live about. This is a great way to get them involved, and you can make sure to remind them ahead of your live when it’ll be happening, so they can see questions get answered that they’d previously asked, and ask further questions in real time. 
Use Facebook Groups 
Facebook Groups have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with Facebook reporting that 1.8 billion people now use Facebook Groups each month. Groups are a good way of getting your audience into a “community” – everyone will be in one place, interacting with other members posts and with your business. 
A private group will let you and your most valued customers interact, giving you a place to share exclusive content, offers and updates about products. Your Facebook page is a place where you can share general post and updates, and get feedback and reviews. A Facebook group is where you can strengthen your connection with your loyal customers and create a valuable-conversations. Make sure you state the group’ purpose is, how it should be used, and create rules so members know exactly what is expected of their behaviour. You need to make sure you or your team are moderating your group to ensure everyone is acting accordingly, and remove or warn members who don’t follow the rules. 
Explore Messenger’s Features 
Messenger may not be the first thing on your radar when it comes to marketing on Facebook, but it is an important one to utilise if you want to have an efficient way to contact your audience. Setting up automated messages that make someone aware that their message will be responded to and within what time scale streamlines your messaging process. 
Chatbots are another thing you can use, which allows a user to detail the problem or their query to an automated bot that’s designed to answer questions. There should be an option for them to have a direct contact with you when the chatbot has finished asking questions should they need further help, but they can often help to clear up any queries without the need for a customer to directly contact you. A Chatbot will always be available too, meaning customers will get an instant response. 
Use Promoted Posts/Paid Ads 
Promoted posts lets you publish a piece of content that can be boosted. By selecting ‘boost post’, you’ll instantly create a paid ad, which will be shown to users on the platform. Boosted posts have all the basic features of a Facebook Ad, including: 
• Targeting: Age, gender, location, demographics, interests 
• Ad formats: Standard posts and call to action buttons 
• Placements: Facebook Feed, Messenger, Instagram 
• Objectives: Website visitors, calls, leads, engagement, messages 
• Creation: Expand your reach by applying a budget to your existing post 
Facebook Ads have more intricate options for Targeting, Ad Formats, Placements, Objectives and Creation, and let you create an ad specifically for the platform rather than using an existing-posts. Facebook Ads allow you to really get out in front of the people you desire to target, attracting new customers and followers and helping your social media marketing to skyrocket with paid advertising. 
Facebook is a highly popular platform for businesses to use, giving people the opportunity to take their online marketing efforts to the next level and build a successful online community that facilitates the needs of both the consumer and the business by providing content that has value to both parties. Begin posting on Facebook and see your marketing efforts grow today! 
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