Posting on social media is a good way to build brand awareness, but if you’re not getting any engagement from your followers, you may have to review the content you’re posting. 
Building your engagement can be a gradual process over time, as the larger your follower base gets the more engagement, you’re likely to receive. 
Here are some top tips on how you can increase your social media engagement. 
Review Your Current Content 
If you’re currently posting on social media, you should check your insights to see the response you’re getting for different posts. Is video content the most popular for you? Or do people prefer your text-based posts? By discovering which content is doing the best for you in terms of engagement you’ll be able to know what to create more of. 
When you’ve figured this out however, don’t restrict yourself to that content only. If video content is your biggest draw for engagement, you should mix it up with some other posts to keep variety. You don’t want your audience to get bored of your posts and it is inevitable that not all of your audience will enjoy that specific content. To keep everyone happy and engaged, lean more towards creating content that gets you the most engagement, but don’t only make that specific type. 
Create Attention Grabbing Content 
Your content needs to spark interest. If you’re a blog writer then make sure your blogs are attention grabbing. Your headlines need to be intriguing and need to persuade your audience to click. The content you’re sharing, especially if it’s coming from you, needs to be something that your audience is interested in. As someone in your industry you’ll know the latest trends and you should know your audience's latest interests too. What do they want to read about? 
With the blogs you’re sharing you can entice the reader in with the copy of your posts on social media by writing about a certain section within the blog, which could potentially make the reader click. Using phrases such as ‘Click below to discover more…’ calls for the audience to do something, which can help boost your engagement as you’re directing them to click a link or the ‘see more’ option. 
Create Compelling Posts 
The copy of your posts need to be compelling. This relies in the words you use and the punctuation. You need to remember that whilst you may be an expert in your industry, your audience isn’t, so using terminology that they may not have heard before could end up putting them off from engaging further if they don’t understand what it is you’re talking about. You can still show your expertise without confusing or alienating your audience. 
By using punctuation like exclamation marks you can make your content sound exciting. Using positive descriptive words will also help with this, and with giving a good impression of what you’re selling/your industry overall. 
Call To Action 
Call To Actions are one of the most important parts of social media marketing. If you’re not asking your audience to do something, they probably won’t. Asking for comments, to click a link, to like or share etc. can all have a positive impact on your engagement and your reach.  
If you’re selling something you can direct to a link that will help them discover where to buy your product or service, if you’re looking for basic engagement the like/share/comment feature is great to use. If your posts are long form content, you can ask your audience to click to read further. By using a call to action, you can increase your engagement and potentially even your sales. 
Ask Questions 
Ask your audience questions and get them to respond in the comments. Your questions can surround your industry or could be a little more general if your brand voice is more casual (e.g. ‘It’s bank holiday weekend! What will you be getting up to on your extended time off?’). By asking your audience for responses, you’ll be getting that engagement you want. 
Even if you’re stuck on topics for content, asking your audience what they want to see is a great way to build your engagement. You’ll discover what areas they want you to focus on which instantly will attract their interest when you post about it, and it will also help you boost your engagement on that specific question post. It also helps to build trust in your brand as you’re delivering on the content your audience have asked for. 
Speak To Your Audience 
You need to build a relationship with your audience on social media. If they don’t feel like their contribution is recognised or supported, they could stop engaging with you, which could have a detrimental effect on your growth and reach. 
By responding in a timely manner to their comments and messages, you’ll be able to show them you’re grateful for their response and that it has been considered. You can even start conversations with them in the comment section if they have any questions, which can boost your posts interactions and engagement. Having relationships with your audience will demonstrate to potential customers that interacting with you will be worth it, as they’re likely to get quick and friendly response. 
By following these tips, you’ll be able to see an increase in your engagement on your social media – why not test a few and see how they can help? 
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