If you’re looking for a way to build your audience on Instagram, then there’s no better way than using Instagram Reels. 
Instagram Reels generate 67% more engagement than standard Instagram video content, therefore it is important that you begin to utilise them as part of your Instagram marketing plan. Creating reels that will become successful will help you appear as a suggested account on Instagram feeds, which could help to bring in new audiences. It can also help you to position yourself as an industry lead within your sector, especially if you’re one of the first to begin using Reels. 
Looking to get started? Here are some tips on how to create Instagram Reels. 
Find Your Niche 
When you’re starting out with Reels, you need to find your niche. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and start copying ideas from others, as you won’t stand out from the crowd. Discover what content does best for you (you can do this by looking at your insights), and begin making your Reels content around this. It’s important that you’re constantly keep up with your fast-paced industry – you don’t want your niche to become outdated. 
Your niche could be anything from the latest trends to a personality style, such as using humour in your content to make it appealing. You will know what works best for your business and what’s more brand appropriate for you, so discover your niche and begin to capitalise on this. 
Use Effects 
Instagram has a range of effects available for users to try on reels. Your effects need to make sense with your content – if you start using random effects on your videos that have no relevance it can be off putting for your audience. Effects can range from video or photo filters (e.g black and white), face filters or general moving effects (such as sparkles or stars). 
The library for effects on Instagram is vast, so make sure you play around with them to find which one works best for the Reels that you are producing. You also need to make sure your content is accessible, so any flashing lights on filters or ones that act as an optical illusion may not work as they can be off putting to certain users. 
Stay On Trend 
You need to keep up with the trends on social media. The latest memes, filters, sayings, sounds and music are all important for you to stay aware of, as they can bring great engagement if your content is good. The best way to discover trending topics include looking at the latest music charts, checking out TikTok, as this is currently where most music and sounds are going viral right now, and looking through Instagram’s vast library of music and sounds to see what’s the most popular. Make sure the trend stays relevant to your content, and you’ll start showing up under trending topics. 
Also make sure you’ll be keeping up with industry trends and changes too. This will allow you to get ahead of competitors and position yourself as an industry leader, instead of falling behind others who have kept up to date. If you want to create Instagram Reels you don’t have to try and jump on every trend at once, but you do need to make sure you’re using some so you can be visible and gaining new audiences. 
Use The Remix Feature 
The Remix Feature is fairly new, and acts in the same way as a TikTok duet. You can work with other brands in your industry to create joint content, or you can duet viral videos that your product or service will apply to. 
You can also remix videos from your customers, giving them visibility, showing that your product/service works and giving thanks. You can also encourage your audience to share their own reels with you so that you can remix them. This will help you to build a good relationship with your followers, as you’ll be showing them that you care and consider their opinions. 
Your Timing Has To Be Perfect 
Reels can be up to a minute long, and if you’re showcasing something you need to make sure you can do it within that time frame. Practice your timing before filming to ensure you’ll be able to get it perfect. 
If you’re using sounds or songs, you need to make sure you’re as close to perfect as possible with miming or transitions. If you’re slightly off, then it will be noticeable to the audience. Therefore, make sure you are on time so that your audience can stay focused on the content instead of the few seconds of lag you may have had. 
Create Good Covers 
Your cover art needs to be eye catching in order to draw people in. You can find apps on the app stores of IOS and Android that will help you to create these covers for Reels. Make sure your covers are brand appropriate, have good colours (not contrasting) and are related to the content. 
You want to draw people in, and cover art, like YouTube thumbnails, is the ideal way to get people to click. Don’t clickbait, but don’t give everything away either. 
It’s really important to follow these tips in order to create great Instagram Reels. Why not get started today and see how they build into a successful venture for your business? 
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